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Drive business growth on the world's #1 sales platform!

Sales Cloud

  • Connect every process and data source

  • Customize any sales process

  • Extend sales with prebuilt apps 

  • Build with trust and security



One of Sales Cloud’s most important feature sets is sales performance management software. The essence of sales performance management is to help sales reps prioritize leads to close deals faster.

For managers, sales performance management software helps highlight team-wide insights that can guide the overall sales strategy.

Sales performance management (SPM) traditionally covers incentives, commissions, quotas, territories/regions, goal setting, training, performance evaluation, and forecasting. Sales performance management software by Salesforce provides tools for all of these aspects, creating a holistic view of individual and team performance that managers can use to plan and optimize sales resources and processes.

About Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Convert more leads, close more deals, and understand the health of your entire business with Sales Cloud.

Expand your reach, and adjust your strategy on-the-fly.

Sales teams work best on the Salesforce Platform.

You have business needs. We have the gear.

Evolve your sales strategy, whether you want to move into a new industry, a new market or just a new neighborhood․
Boost team impact with insights, guidance, and forecasts from built-in AI.
Make every minute count: standardize processes, automate manual tasks, and access data on any device –even offline.
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